Presence & Grace is a stationery brand dedicated to uplifting and inspiring all to find the beauty in themselves and everyday life. We understand life can be tough at times and you could use a little inspiration.

 Be You Art Print

Presence & Grace offers an array of inspirational greeting cards and stationery inspired by color, nature, typography, wordplay, and ‘straight talk’ (we believe the best way to connect with one another is by being honest and forward).
Aside from cards and stationery, we also offer art prints, mugs, tote bags, accessories and more!
We hope you are delighted by and inspired to share a bit of our inspiration with others!
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What folks are saying about Presence & Grace!

"The quality of the card and the artwork is exceptional. Better yet, the customer service and response is the best yet. Highly recommended."

-J. Arnett, Texas


"I love that Presence & Grace items are very girl powerful! They are my daily affirmations that I wear or have displayed. These affirmations remind me to stay focused and to let my light shine bright."

-F. Maddox, New Jersey


"Loveeeeeee this!!!
I enjoy using this planner for my dance classes to help my students achieve their weekly goals."

-Michelle G. from Texas on the "Stay Humble Hustle Hard Weekly Planner"


Giving Back

Presence & Grace donates 20% of its sales to non-profits whose mission is that of sisterhood, women’s empowerment, and also non-profits who support those struggling with depression.