April Is National Letter Writing Month...Send A Card!

Hey there! April is National Letter Writing Month and cards (and letters) are a great way to keep in touch. We live in an age where an email, tweet, or text flies much faster to the recipient, but there is still something about opening the mailbox to find a real, card or letter inside.

This month (and always), I’m encouraging you to send at least four cards to four people. Please do send more if you like – four is just a start. Below I’ve compiled a few reasons why you should send a card or letter, you know, for encouragement.

Some good reasons to send a card or letter:

  1. To send when you don’t have much to give in the form of a gift, send a card.
  2. To send a friend that you have not seen or spoken to in a while a hello or thinking of you.
  3. To send to a child – they don't often get mail!
  4. To congratulate someone on an achievement big or small.
  5. To send a cheer up message to a friend who has been going through a rough patch lately.
  6. To say things that may be difficult to articulate in person.
  7. To share a moment with someone you can't be with in person.
  8. To write an old school casual invite. (i.e.; Let’s get together next Friday between 1-5!)
  9. To send a re-thank you for a gift you received, have already thanked for but use so much you want to thank again.
  10. To send a business where you recently received great service.
  11. To send your child's teacher, an old teacher of yours, or an instructor who taught you something that you are thankful for.
  12. To send someone you admire from afar.
  13. To send to someone in the hospital or who is dealing with an illness.
  14. To send a belated thank you – it's never too late.

And there you have it. I can think of a few more reasons to send a card or letter but I’ll stop there!

p.s. Don’t forget, free shipping on all cards* the month of April – use code: WRITEON19 during checkout.


*Discount applies to greeting cards only.


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