Self-Care Checklist Printable

Hi friends,

If you saw my Instagram post last Friday you know I’ve been a bit quiet, in a rut, or just blah with everything that’s been going on as of late. I won’t harp on it because I know everyone is going through it in some form or fashion.



Anyway, as you are aware I’m a lover of lists and planning! I decided to design a self-care checklist to share with everyone in hopes that you are remembering to take time out for yourself during this time of self isolation. And if you haven’t, here is your starting point.  I personally know I haven't been doing a great job of self-care, but I’ve promised myself that I am going to do better.  Click the download link to get your self-care checklist and at the end of the week let me know how things are working out and if the checklist has helped any!

Still not sure how this self-care checklist works? Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, download + print the check list.
  • Second, trim your checklist. Checklist is a size 55” x 8.5” (you get two sheets).
  • Third, take a moment to write down things that you identify as self-care (washing the dishes doesn’t count. Nor does yelling at family). Some ideas could be: watch a movie, take a long hot bath or shower, read a chapter or two from a book (hard copy or digital), remember to eat, meditate, do something active, dance to some of your favorite tunes, listen to calming music, draw, take a moment to reflect on your awesomeness, etc.
  • Fourth, now that you have you list all sorted out; keep track of how often you do each of these activities throughout the week. At the end of the week take a look at your list and see how you fared and repeat the next week. 

 Enjoy! -KB

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